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Bailando con la Muerte
Bailando con la Muerte

Enrolling now: Children and adults are invited to take part in reduced cost art classes & weekend workshops. Artwork produced will be given the opportunity to exhibit in the community. For more information, please download the Class Schedule and Registration Form.

Artstart exhibitions are available to local artists to show and sell their work. Painting, photography, sculpture and other forms of visual art are considered for presentation on a case basis by a volunteer committee. AUAU partners with local businesses and galleries to showcase local art and create a unique and better connected community.

Studio and rehearsal areas are not available at this time, but AUAU frequently partners with Hartnell College to offer gallery space and occasional studio space.  Acquiring studio space is a big part of our long term plans and vision. Our hope is to offer educational workshops available to members of the community free,  with the exception of a small fee to cover materials.


As part of First Fridays and Artstart - we help local writers promote their work through book signing at various Oldtown participating businesses.  One of our goals is to have an annual publication with a selection of short stories written by community members of all ages, walks of life, and cultural backgrounds. Part of the theme would be a focus on history and personal experience of the Salinas area.  Inclusion would be based on review by a volunteer panel of educators, residents, and students. This like all AUAU programs, this would be open to all residents.


As a part of First Fridays, many local musicians perform each month at various venues throughout Oldtown Salinas. This is currently a volunteer arrangement by all parties. Our hope will be to have a performing space available with a gallery and studio space available to the community and to be able on occasion to pay local performers.  Currently,  Hartnell College donates some of its gallery space for a couple of events during the year, and allows for the performance of dance, music, and theatre in conjunction with AUAU.  


The future of our community depends upon supporting the creativity and skills of young people. Our mentors assist in building a foundation for the future by providing positive examples of success in all aspects of life. Teens develop the tools to overcome adversity, and learn critical thinking and problem solving skills. Mentors help youth discover valuable personal assets, and to realize their importance in the community. One Salinas Youth Arts Festival is probably the best example of this type of work.

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